• Paul Feiler

    Paul Feiler

    Porthledden, 1960
  • Terry Frost

    Terry Frost

    Boat, 1950
  • John Anthony Park

    John Anthony Park

    Peaceful Haven St Ives
  • Peter Lanyon

    Peter Lanyon

    The Road to St Ives, 1938
  • Harold Harvey

    Harold Harvey

    Catching Gurnard, 1908
  • Edwin Harris

    Edwin Harris

    A Moment by the Fireside, 1891
  • John Wells

    John Wells

    Land and Sea, 1956
  • Stanhope Alexander Forbes

    Stanhope Alexander Forbes

    Home-Along/: Evening Study, 1905
    Image of Home-Along: Evening study, 1905 by Stanhope Forbes

Cornish Masters showcases the work of the leading British artists of almost a century when Cornwall was at the forefront of artistic development in the country; from the establishment of the Newlyn School of en plein-air painters in the 1880s to the rise of the St Ives School of abstract artists in the 1950s and 1960s.