• Terry Frost

    Terry Frost

    Boat, 1950
  • Stanhope Alexander Forbes

    Stanhope Alexander Forbes

    Home-Along/: Evening Study, 1905
    Image of Home-Along: Evening study, 1905 by Stanhope Forbes
  • John Wells

    John Wells

    Land and Sea, 1956
  • Peter Lanyon

    Peter Lanyon

    The Road to St Ives, 1938
  • Harold Harvey

    Harold Harvey

    Catching Gurnard, 1908
  • Paul Feiler

    Paul Feiler

    Porthledden, 1960
  • John Anthony Park

    John Anthony Park

    Peaceful Haven St Ives
  • Edwin Harris

    Edwin Harris

    A Moment by the Fireside, 1891

Cornish Masters showcases the work of the leading British artists of almost a century when Cornwall was at the forefront of artistic development in the country; from the establishment of the Newlyn School of en plein-air painters in the 1880s to the rise of the St Ives School of abstract artists in the 1950s and 1960s. Explore online (we'll answer any enquiries within 24 hours) or visit our St Ives Art Gallery in the centre of St Ives, or book a private viewing in Falmouth.