Discover original Newlyn School paintings for sale from the leading Newlyn School artists. The Newlyn School of Artists was pioneered by the arrival of Birmingham artists Walter Langley and Edwin Harris in 1882 and 1883. These artists sought a British equivalent to Concarneau and Pont-Aven, where they had experienced the en-plein air development in French realism (sometimes referred to as 'Naturalism') championed by Jules Bastien-Lepage. Two late nineteenth century technologies had made en plein-air painting a practical possibility; tubes of pre-mixed artists' oil paint, and telescopic easels. Stanhope Alexander Forbes, who arrived in 1884, is widely cited as 'the father' of the Newlyn School. Other founding members include Frank Bramley, Frederick Hall, Albert Chevalier Tayler, Frank Richards, Thomas Cooper Gotch, Elizabeth Forbes and Henry Scott Tuke prior to settling in Falmouth. Harold Harvey and Dod Procter were amongst a later generation of Newlyn artists to study under Forbes. Whilst other groups of artists were drawn to Bastien-Lepage's social realism, most notably the Glasgow Boys, in the late nineteenth century it was the Newlyn School that grew to become the leading avante garde colony of artists in the country, and dominated national showcases such as the Royal Academy exhibitions. Today you can view all Newlyn works for sale online at or visit the Cornish Masters Art Gallery in St Ives.