Walter Langley in Ch5's Watercolour Challenge

Walter Langley; celebrated in Mounts Bay episode of Watercolour Challenge

Mark Wilson of Cornish Masters had the privilege of talking about Walter Langley in the Mounts Bay episode of Channel 5's Watercolour Challenge, which was broadcast on Friday 11 February 2022. Mark was contacted some month's beforehand by the production company and suggested Walter Langley as a suitable subject for the program's Mounts Bay episode. The exert on Langley is approximately halfway through the 45 minute program and Mark talks about how Walter came to be in Newlyn and the rapid development of the social realism theme in his painting in response to the hardships that he witnessed facing the local fishing community. 'Among the Missing' (1884, Penlee House Gallery & Museum) is discussed and Langley is rightly celebrated as one of the nation's finest artists and a master in watercolour.     

February 11, 2022
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